Mira Road Market Shopping | Best Shops in Mira Road Market, Mumbai

Mira Road Market

About Mira Road Market

Whether enjoying the beautiful sunrise from the famous Juhu beach or unwinding at...Read More

Best Shops In Mira Road Market

About Mira Road Market

Whether enjoying the beautiful sunrise from the famous Juhu beach or unwinding at the city’s high-end nightclub Trilogy, you will always find a reason to immerse yourself in the charm of Mumbai city. A paradise for shopaholics, Mumbai boasts of bustling markets such as Hill Road, Gandhi Market, Colaba, Santa Cruz, Linking Road, Mira Road, Irla Market and Fashion Street.

Talking about Mira Road, it is like a small city in itself. Though this market falls under the Thane city municipality, it is largely seen as an extension of Mumbai’s western suburbs.

This Mumbai shopping market is right next to the Mira Road station. Check out what makes Mira Road a popular market in Mumbai.

Blouses, Bags & Party Wear: Mira Road Shopping

From clothing to jewellery to household items to utilities, Mira Road sorts out all your shopping woes.

The shops are spread across two parallel lanes – the Jain Mandir road and the road parallel to it and the interior roads connecting the two. From tailors to sweet shops, ready made blouses to bags, puja items to party wear, they are all available here. You will wonder where to start and finish.

There are actual shops inside concrete buildings. Then there are shops spread on the street. Like all other markets, a little bit of bargaining works here as well.

What’s Special in this Mumbai Shopping Market?

Unlike markets that remain closed on Mondays, Mira Road actually has a special Monday Market. The Monday market opens around 3 pm and lasts until 9-10 pm. It is the time to find some bargains while you indulge in street shopping.

The market also has a small Khau galli where most of Mumbai’s popular street food from dosa to pav bhaji to dahabada to chaats and sandwiches are available.

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Days Closed :- Open all days.

Timing :- 10 am – 9 pm


Other Markets

Santa Cruz Market

  • The term Santa Cruz comes from the Portuguese words meaning “Holy Cross”, a reference to a 150-year-old Cross located on Chapel lane in Santacruz. The then British Government set up RAF Santacruz, a military airfield, in 1942. It was home to several RAF squadrons during World War II from 1942 to 1947. The airfield was transferred to the Indian Government for civilian use upon Independence,[4] and came to be known as Santa Cruz airport, the city’s main airport.- WIKI Some of the best Mumbai shops for wedding wear dresses can be found in the Santa cruz Shopping Market . There is a row of popular shops at a particular junction. Roopkala, Kalki, MirrorMagic are situated in the main SV( Swami Vivekanand ) Road in the Santacruz Market . Samrat , Seasons and Aishwarya Design Studio are in the Station Road, which is perpendicular to the main road . There is also TribhovanDas Bhimji Zaveri, one of the top jewelery houses of India ,which is situated in SV Road . The main SV Road is a busy thoroughfare and parking is a challenge . There is the Sacred Heart Boys High School and Sacred Heart Church in this road. The Station Road is even more crowded with shops lined on either side of the road. There are shops for costume /imitation jewellery , cotton dresses & tops, cotton nighties and baby’s and children’s dresses and of course utensils and all household plastic goods. Mumbai shopping for footwear, shoes and sandals can also be done here . The jootis the traditional Indian footwear are available in plenty . They are closed shoes with some patterns on the top. While there are several street shops and the prices there are very reasonable ,the quality of the products is not guaranteed. Caveat Emptor is the policy that is practiced. The garments and sandals could last a season . There would be no guarantee beyond that . There are several autos that ply the route to & fro from the Santacruz station. The vehicles travel at great speed and pedestrians are advised to be carefull while walking here . This road is chaotic and noisy.
5 /5

Hill Road Market in Bandra

  • Bandra is one of Mumbai’s popular and posh localities. One of the major attractions that makes Bandra popular is the Hill Road Shopping Market . This shopping market is similar to the Janpath and Sarojini Nagar street shopping markets in Delhi. Hill Road (officially renamed as Ramdas Nayak Road) is an arterial road in Bandra .It stretches from the Bandra Railway Station road and S.V(Swami Vivekanand ) Road to the Mehboob Studios, leading to the Bandstand Promenade, the Bandra Fort & the Mount Mary church. There are hardware shops and few small restaurants as you enter Hill road. Lucky restaurant known for its biryani and Happy Book Store are important landmarks . Starting from the Marks and Spencer store building to the St. Peter’s Church are some of the best shops on Hill Road . Hill Road can be divided into three prominent areas , namely , the Sona Shopping Centre, the Elco Market, and the standalone shops. The Sona Shopping Centre has readymade garment shops, lingerie shops and tailoring establishments .Shops in the back lane stock tunics and casual wear dresses that are primarily export rejects. The Elco Arcade Center has ethnic wear shops . They have restaurants and food stalls in between the shopping markets and these are always crowded . The area is famous for its paani puri and chaat shops . Like any other street market, Hill Road reflects the local culture of Mumbai and its people. What to expect in the Hill Road Shopping Market – International retail stores ,mini shopping markets and tiny street shops . All shops, markets and street vendors sell readymade garments for both formal and casual wear , lingerie , fancy party dresses , imitation jewellery and footwear at very reasonable prices How to get there The Bandra Train Station is a mere 1 km from Hill Road. Best time to visit – 4 pm to 10 pm on weekedays. It is very crowded on weekends. How to shop Bargaining is allowed in many shops. No trial room is available in several of the shops . So know your sizes before you go shopping. Check the refund policy before you buy. There is no exchange or refund policy in many shops. Read reviews about shopping markets in Delhi https://shopkhoj.com/delhi/shahpur-jat/
5 /5

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