Leather Line- Leather Belt Dealer in Mumbai At Indraprasth Mall

Leather Line- Leather Goods

What’s Interesting :- Leather wallets and belts

Mall :-

Products :- Shoes and Bags  

Days Closed :- Open all days

Timing :- 10am-9pm

Phone :- 0442846 4232

Address :- Shop No. 27, Indraprasth Shopping Centre, Near Railway Station, SV Road, Borivali West, Mumbai-400092

Landmark :- Near Railway Station

Parking :- Available

Price Range :- Wide range

Payment Methods :- Cash and card

Leather Line – Leather Belt Dealer in Mumbai –

Located in the ground floor of Indraprasth Mall right next to the staircase fountain is a shop called Leather Line – a specialist in leather belts. The shop is small but has all types of belts for everyone and for all occasions. There are belts for office goers – both men and women, casual wear belts that go with jeans, encrusted buckles for a belt that can be worn on special occasions and belts for children in an array of colours.

You can buy the belt and / or buckle separately. But what if you like the colour of one belt and the buckle of another? The shopkeeper will be happy to make a mix-and-match for you. As with most shops in Indraprasth Mall, you’ll have to do a self-check on quality. The leather may be faux but it looks just fine if you aren’t in the mood to splurge.

Also check out some of the perfumes in the shop.

Price range: The belts are Rs. 250 upwards.

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