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The city of dreams, called Mumbai, has always attracted young and adults alike. Linking Road in Bandra is worshipped by fashionistas all over the city. The popular street shopping hub offers an interesting fusion of traditional as well as western...Read more

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The city of dreams, called Mumbai, has always attracted young and adults alike. Linking Road in Bandra is worshipped by fashionistas all over the city. The popular street shopping hub offers an interesting fusion of traditional as well as western wear.

It’s named after road linking Bandra to Juhu. The shopping hub starts from S Route and continues to Khar and extends beyond Santacruz and July. Although a street market, they sell everything from bargain stalls to independent boutiques to hi-end international brands.

Strolling through the streets with hundreds of options and choices to spoil your shopping day, Linking Road lets you live the essence of street shopping in its truest form.

How To Reach There?

It is a 15-minute walk from Bandra railway station. You also have an option to book a taxi from either Bandra Station or Hill Road. None of these should cost you more than Rs 30.

A Bird’s Eye View

More often than not, Linking Road is the first choice for street shopping in Mumbai. The constant mention of Linking Road among fashionistas and celebrities has made Linking Road a much-hyped market in the city.

So does it really live up to its hype and popularity? The answer is Yes! From ready-made garments to dress materials, denim, footwear, apparel, and accessories: you can explore all this and more at a pretty good deal at Linking Road.

The standalone vendors constitute the major part of the market, which starts from the cross section road opposite Burger King. The shops tend to stick together depending on what material they are selling. You can also find originals of top notch accessory brands at as low a price as Rs 50.

Linking Road also has a Link Square Mall and various other high-end brands like Wrangler, Mochi and Levi. But if street vendors and malls are not your thing, try checking the famous independent boutiques of linking road. The price is generally high but 100% valued for its money.

Among other major attractions at Linking Road are scarves and hats. These are usually sold by roaming individuals on the street and can cost you around Rs 100 for each of these items.

For footwear, visit the line of shops adjacent to Mumbai Municipal Corporation Park. The shops have a mixture of local and remote brands comprising daily wear, party wear and formal wear. From high boots, crocs, gladiators, loafers, ballerinas, and flip flops, a good pair will cost you anywhere between Rs 150 and Rs 500. Most of these footwear are of local brands but that doesn’t deteriorate their quality and are just perfect for daily wear.

The last few shops also stock a classic collection of ethnic footwear. Rajasthani and Punjabi style juttis start from Rs 200 and go up to Rs 500. You may as well explore the collection of mojaries too which cost just Rs 150 to Rs 300. Most of the prices are up for bargaining. One may end up getting a great deal on these products.

So you are done shopping at Linking Road? It’s time to hit up brands like KFC, Burger King, Dominos, McDonald’s and Starbucks for quick bites. If you feel like gorging on some super tasty pani puris and vada pavs, local street food stalls offer an extensive delicious range.

The road joining Hill Road and Linking Road is where you can score top notch jewellery as well as various boutiques. Also, do check out the Lemon Spa which is on the round interjection of the roads.

Top Independent Boutiques/Shops in Linking Road

For casuals: Big C

Products: Western wear for Women

Big C is one of the well-known independent boutiques here, exclusively famous for its counterpart in Sarojini Nagar market in New Delhi. These include western dresses and apparels. The collection changes from season to season infusing its own essence of poised, chick, quirky and casual look. The casual T shirts and tops start from Rs 400 and one piece dress can cost you around Rs 1,200 going up to Rs 8,000 for party wear. The dresses are also in A-line, bodycon and two pieces maxi-style dresses, costing around Rs 3,000-12,000.

Also do check out the mix and match collection of shorts, skirts and jackets at this boutique. This trendy collection is available in the range of Rs 700 and Rs 4,000.

They have also got some best deals on handbags, cosmetics and accessories. They are pretty durable and perfect for daily use. So check out their collection of pretty decent and classic college bags, purses, wallets, etc. Moreover, they just start from as low as Rs 400 and go up to Rs 3,500. For everyday bags, you may like to shell out around Rs 500.

To give your lovely outfit an extra edge, you may choose from the trendy range of accessories available at this store. The stock includes necklaces, chokers, and funky earrings in latest designs, costing only Rs 100-300. You will certainly love them to bits!

They have trial rooms so one doesn’t have to worry about exact sizes and fit. Upto extra large sizes are available in dresses and tops.

We found the staff to be very nice. They always help you out in any way needed. They would often suggest you to put together an entire assemble to avail some discount. The products are not up for bargain though and have fixed rates.


Products: Women international western wear

Xtacy is one of the great independent shops at Linking Road. What makes the entire collection at this shop are the rejected apparels and denims of Vero Moda, Forever 21, Zara and Chemistry.

They stock everything from jeans, rompers, jumpsuits to denim dresses. All the tops range from Rs 300 to Rs 500. The one piece dresses start from Rs 300 and can go as high as Rs 600. Tops and T-shirts are generally casual and semi formal dresses. They cost around Rs 400-800. Long maxi dresses and two piece dresses also cost around Rs 1,500-3,000.

If you really compare these to their original prices, you will find it to be quite a cheap deal. Don’t miss out on their special offers where you may score as many as 3 tops for just Rs 500.

They also run a sister shop called Damsel adjacent to its own. It specializes in happy go lucky tops and cotton dresses. The apparels at this store are also from high-end brands. The tops and shrugs come in the affordable range of Rs 200-500.

Formal wear, on the other hand, may cost you anywhere between Rs 300 and Rs 800, which is not expensive compared to the brands they are rejected off otherwise.

Among the other noticeable apparel at this shop is the trendy collection of western dresses. Explore shopping for off-shoulder dresses and tops at a street price of just Rs 300.

The shop has fixed rate policy so there is no scope of bargaining here. They also don’t have any trial rooms so be absolutely sure with respect to your size when you visit this shop.

Amarsons Collections

Amarsons collection is a good old-fashioned ethnic store at Linking Road. Specialising in ethnic wear, the store is always lit up with beautiful, bright and colourful suits, sarees and dresses.

Looking for bridal wear or just have to refresh your wardrobe for the next family gathering, Amarsons has a large collection for everyone.

Printed kurtis with floral prints, ethnic motifs, embroidery or embellishments, the collection of salwar suits at Amarsons is part traditional part modern. You may score everyday salwar kameez and casual kurtas here at a reasonable range of Rs 600 to Rs 2,000. Suits and dresses for special occasions including weddings are also available.

A-line, achkan, strapless, halter neck, the latest mastani trend kurtas and dresses are available in waist long, mid thigh, knee length and ankle lengths. Cotton, crepe, georgette, silk, net and velvet are the fabrics used in these traditional dresses.

They also stock a beautiful collection of sarees with embroideries, gem work, special border details in cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon and net. Interestingly, the one-half of this entire store is stacked up with sarees. Casuals and floral printed sarees range between Rs 800 and Rs 2,000 while the more embellished and party wear sarees will cost you anywhere between Rs 800 and Rs 7,000. For the special zardari work wedding saree, be prepared to shell out somewhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 15,000.

We also loved their complementary collection of blouses and petticoats for sarees. The price range for blouses is from Rs 100-1,000. Did we mention individual blouses are also available at this store for the mix and match style for around Rs 500-2,000? You have the option to get your dresses altered too as they have an in-house tailor available here.

You can shop here from a huge collection of purses and bags of western as well as ethnic style. The ethnic collection comprises jute styled purses, embroidery purses with gems and mirrors, and Rajasthani and Punjabi styled side purses, starting from Rs 400-1,000.

Things To Remember While Visiting Linking Road:

  • The market is in its full bloom in the evening. But the boutiques are open between 11:00 am and 10:00 pm.
  • In case you wish to shop for a lot of things, it’s better to visit the market on weekdays.
  • If you are travelling for the first time or are a foreign customer, do bargain as much as you can. The ideal price for footwear, scarves, belts and accessories is Rs 150.
  • Street vendors don’t have guarantee of their products. However, most of them have contact no. and official receipt in case something goes wrong.
  • Most of the boutiques have trial rooms but also be sure about the size that fits you well.
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