Ritu Kumar- Designer Wear Store in Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Ritu Kumar- Designer Wear

Look Out For :- Designer Sarees

What’s Interesting :- Party Wear Dresses & jump suits

Market :-

Products :- Clothing  Designer Wear  Kurtis  Bridal Wear  Western Wear  Salwar Suits  Sarees  

Days Closed :- Open all days

Timing :- 10am-9pm

Phone :- 08022682162

Address :- Shop No :, 55, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Landmark :- UB City Mall

Parking :- Available

Bus/Metro :- Yeshwantpur Bus Stand

Price Range :- wide range

Payment Methods :- Cash and Card

Ritu Kumar – Designer Wear Store

The Ritu Kumar store in Lavelle Road, Bangalore offers an attractive range of Wester designer wear and Indian wear dresses. They run 5 other stores in Bangalore.

Casual Wear Clothes – Wester designer wear

When shopping in Bangalore for casual wear clothes, do stop by at Ritu Kumar. They have an excellent collection in the Rs 3000+ price range. By casual wear, what is meant is semi formal and party wear dresses such as gowns, short dresses, jumpsuits and the like. In addition, they have printed with stripes, polka dots, flower patterns or lightly embroidered in georgette, cotton, linen and silks, these clothes look trendy.

They are displayed on hangers in the entrance hall, for easy accessibility and reach. They have consciously included non traditional garments as well, to cater to the changing fashion trends among the young women of today.

Indian Wear Dresses

Traditional Indian dresses such as salwar suits, lehengas and sarees for weddings are available at the back room. These are garments that Ritu Kumar is known for and they do not disappoint. Therefore, shopping in Ritu Kumar is a noteworthy.

Some of these pieces are in the Rs 1,00,000 lac + range.

The staff is certainly friendly at this store.

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