Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery- Express Avenue Mall in Chennai

Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery- Express Avenue Mall

Look Out For :- Waistbands

What’s Interesting :- Maang tikka

Products :- Imitation Jewellery  Jewellery  

Days Closed :- Sunday

Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery-Express Avenue Mall in Chennai

Kushal’s Fashion Jewelry is another shop for imitation jewellery on the 2nd floor of the Express Avenue Mall in Chennai. This is a chain store with presence in several Indian cities. They are head quartered in Bangalore.

This store has a lot of traditional Indian jewellery especially traditional South Indian jewellery. While South India is known for its gold jewellery and many South Indians prefer to wear their gold jewellery for weddings and on other occasions, the North Indians prefer diamond jewellery.

Necklaces with zircon, marcasite and coloured stones that are similar in appearance to traditional diamond & ruby necklaces are available in several designs & patterns. Short necklaces and long necklaces, both with or without matching pendants, are available here.

Broad thick gold plated bangles with stones are also on display.

Kushal’s s also stocks waist bands, known as Udiyanam in South India. This item is worn around the waist by South Indian women on weddings or on other festive occassions. It is also an important jewellery item worn by Bharathnatyam dancers & Kuchipudi dancers. Bharatnatyam& Kuchupidi are classical dances from South India.

The waist band is in gold or is adorned with rubies.

There is also the amulet or the kamrband that is typically worn on the arm above the elbow. This is a piece that is matched with the waistband. Intricate patterns on the amulet makes it a distinct piece of jewellery.

The hair decoration jewellery pieces are special & distinct. They are small gold plated jewellery pieces with ruby coloured stones that are pinned on to the hair,similar to a brooch. The dancers also plait their hair long and adorn it with jewellery. This piece of jewellery is again in gold colour with several coloured stones. They also stock hair clips.

Kundan jewellery also finds a place in Kushal’s Jewellery. Kundan is cut glass pieces that resemble uncut diamonds. Kundan necklaces and bracelets are also available in this store.

Kushal’s has a great variety of traditional jewellery pieces. If you are shopping in the Express Avenue Mall in Chennai and are interested to buy imitation jewellery with traditional deisgns, then Kushal’s is the Chennai shop that you should visit.

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