Personal accessories

If there is one thing that a woman will never have enough of, it is  an item of personal accessories. From scarves and  stoles,  bags, hats  and shoes, there is so much to mix and match to get that  perfect look .  It is the art of accessorizing that makes you who you are  and creates something unique about you .    An ethnic stole or a beaded evening bag bought locally,  would  add a bit of glamour to your  common evening wear.   And ,do not   forget to pack the locally manufactured beauty products such as sandalwood face cream  or  an Aloe vera moisturizer that promises to bring a glow to your face .   Ayurveda  is an  alternative medicine  systme that is 300 years old in India .Ayurvedic medicines and herbal remedies seek to  integrate body, mind, and the  spirit  There is  a range  of ayurvedic skin creams ,  moisturisers and hair oils ,bath gels, shampoos and conditioners .  Other essential beauty products that have been developed and produced in India by brands such as  Biotique, Kama & Forest Essentials are  very popular and are Ayurvda based . The thing about shopping is that locals always seem to know the  niche shops . We are your local friend in the online world. Discover a new world of shopping with us as we take you through the narrow by lanes of crowded markets and plush corridors of popular malls to help you find that ‘perfect’ little thing you have   been looking for all this while  To know which shops in your city offer what you are looking for, do a quick search on the Shopkhoj site .