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Best Shops in Kolkata for Home Decor

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Best Home Decor Shops In Kolkata: Is your sweet little home due for...Read More

Best Home Decor Shops In Kolkata: Is your sweet little home due for a design update? Don’t worry, you can try out a number of options for sure! With something as simple as small fountains or statues of Buddha or Fengshui plants added to your dining room, you can easily refine the look of your home to make it look fresh and on-trend.

Moreover, you can try giving your home a makeover by adding a new mat to your floor or a rug beneath the centre table to lend it a bright look. Mirrors also comes in handy to make a small space look bigger and brighter.

Trying out new curtains for your drawing room also works great at times. You may add a touch of glamour to the walls of your house adding a vibrant abstract piece of painting.

If you are looking around for home decor items in Kolkata, Kashmir Gift House in New Market offers some very good options. The third-generation store is quite popular for its high-quality authentic Kashmir Pashmina showpieces.

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