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Kalki, Pondicherry

Phone :- 4132339166

Address :- 134, Mission street, Pondicherry

Parking :- Availabe

Price Range :- Wide range

Payment Methods :- Cash and card

Auroville Products in Pondicherry – Kalki, Pondicherry

Kalki, Pondicherry is a shop that is an exclusive retail unit for Auroville products in Pondicherry. It is a huge shop in the heart of the city. (Tamil quarters)

You can buy non leather footwear, hand-painted silk clothing, perfumed candles, incense, oils, ceramics, jewelry, and handmade paper items and garments for children. All the products are made in eco friendly Auroville manufacturing units.

The pioneers, Paul Pinthon and Laura Reddy, started the Auroville line of products beginning with home fragrances. They soon started to brand their products MAROMA. (Ma-from Mother, Aroma-the fragrance,) Maroma has been a trendsetter in natural home fragrances.

Kalki subsequently extended their line to aromatherapy with body care products including soaps, shampoos, massage oils and others. Colibri, an all-natural insect and moth repellant with several forms of application, is another product from Maroma. An exotic variety of candles, room fresheners and potpouris in addition to fragrances, incenses and aromatherapy products are all available in the ground floor.

On the first floor, there are bags, kids clothing, jewellery and footwear on display. Their main showroom is in Auroville which is on the outskirts on Pondicherry.

Kalki is one of the best shops in Pondicherry for Auroville products.

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