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What's Interesting:block printed Gujarati cotton sarees

Products:Salwar Suits, Shawls and Scarves, Gifts and Handicrafts, Fabric

No.2, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, 2 Gariahat Road, (South),Kolkata – 700068


starts from Rs.500

Days Closed



Dhakuria Bus Stand


Dhakuria Bus Stand

Gujarati Sarees & Handicrafts in Kolkata

Gurjari is the emporium of the State of Gujarat. The many categories of products and their vibrant colours are both beautiful and exciting. Sarees, skirts, dupattas, home furnishings and gift items are all available in this store.These items reflect the arts and culture of Gujarat.

Gurjari has been very popular with the Kolkata shoppers since its inception. The women of Kolkata are traditionally fond of wearing saris and the block printed Gujarati cotton sarees and the bandhni cotton sarees that are available in Gurjari are clear favourites, after the Bengal cotton sarees. These are known as Gurjari sarees in Kolkata. These typical Gujarati prints in cottons are available on skirts, kurtis and palazzos as well.

Gurjari Silk Sarees

The Patola silk sarees that are available here are also a prized possession of the Bengali women.

Home furnishing items include embroidered cushion and bed covers with micro mirrors. The decorative wall and door hangings and warli paintings makefor wonderful home decoration as well as gift items. The costume jewellery of Gujaratis made of silver, agate and beads and is much appreciated by the Kolkata shoppers.

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