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Best Shops in Chennai for Shawls and Scarves

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Shawls and Scarves: If you have a boring outfit in your wardrobe (say...Read More

The Museum Company

Handicrafts in Chennai If you are looking for Chennai handicrafts,The Museum Company is a compact shop in a quiet residential area of Chennai.This Chennai shop stocks handicrafts, crafted silver and artefacts . In addition ,they have a whole floor dedicated to durries, carpets, semi-precious jewellery, furniture, and paintings. All this is spread over three floors. Idols and deities made of wood Idols and deities made of rosewood, sandalwood, sheesham wood and several other varieties of wood are available here. There are some gigantic statues and some small statues as well. The wooden statues are made in the States of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. The intricate carving in the wood is fascinating .There is a lot of talent available for creating wooden handicrafts in the remote corners of India because of which we are able to buy these products. h3/> Brass and bronze items are also on display .Lamps in many different shapes ,moortis( idols) of Gods and several puja (prayer) essentials are available. They include stands for incense sticks ,brass bowls and cups . The dancing Natraja is a bronze statue and is a popular handicraft in Chennai. There are bronze statues of goddesses Lakshmi ,Parvaty and Saraswaty as well here. The bronze statues are available in various sizes. Kashmir carpets, pashmina shawls Kashmir carpets are stocked on the upper floor. There are woollen carpets and silk carpets . Carpets have beautiful colour combinations and designs. They are available in a variety of sizes. The Kashmir carpet can also be used as a wall hanging . It is a distinct piece of art. The Museum Company also stocks pashmina shawls . Pashm wool is used to make Pashmina shawls. However, they are not Chennai handicrafts.The museum Company nevertheless stocks these products. Silver jewellery and semi precious stones are available in a separate section in this Chennai shop. Check out the silver chains and bracelets . Jaipur and other centres in North India are famous for silver jewellery. Best places to shop for Chennai handicrafts,The museum Company.
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Shawls and Scarves: If you have a boring outfit in your wardrobe (say a black top), you know you can make it look exciting with a vibrant silk scarf. Try it and see how the scarf works wonders to transform your old dress into a dynamic one.

You can wrap yourself in a stylish shawl to keep you warm and cozy through the chilly evenings.

Chennai is home to some well-known retail stores to take care of your shopping requirements. The Fabindia store at the Mylapore market in Chennai, for instance, boasts a beautiful collection of shawls and scarves. From viscose printed scarf to silk woven stole to wool textured shawl to cotton silk chikankari stole, the choices are endless.

Anokhi shop in Chamiers also stocks beautiful scarves

Let’s find out what The Museum Company has in store for you! This compact shop is located in a quiet residential area at Kasturi Ranga Road in Alwarpet. It is most visited for handicrafts, crafted silver and artefacts. Moreover, the shop also stocks pashmina shawls. A work of traditional Indian handicraft, Pashmina shawls and stoles are hand spun, woven and embroidered in Kashmir.

Ranee’s at St.Mary’s Road in Chennai stocks authentic Pashmina stoles and silk scarves. The shop has been primarily dealing in jewellery (including precious and semi-precious stones), handicrafts, textiles and carpets since 1984.

Aurovile also stocks semi silk stoles.

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