Sayar Jewellery

Sayar Jewellery

Sayar Jewellery

Market :-

Products :- Jewellery  Gold & Diamond  

Days Closed :- Sunday

Timing :- 10am to 8pm

Phone :- +91 44-28297493 / 9840858018 / 9841097347

Address :- 77, Murugesa Naicker Complex , Greams road, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

Landmark :- Opp. Sea shell Restaurant

Parking :- Roadside Parking

Bus/Metro :- LIC Building Bus Stop

Price Range :- One lac and above

Payment Methods :- Cash and Card

Sayar, Antique Gold Jewellery in Chennai

Sayar jewellery is such a quaint little corner shop.In fact, you are almost likely to give it a miss. Further, when you get out of your car and go inside ,you will be surprised. In other words, in this small 5’by 5’ shop, there is nothing on display!

They do not advertise and they do not display!. Satisfied customers have kept this shop in business for more than eighty years.Once you convince the shop owner that you are a genuine buyer, he will bring out his huge collection of hand crafted gold pendants, necklaces and kadas. (thick bangles ). Some of the pendants weigh around 100 gms each. Images of Shiva, Parvathi, Ganesha and other the deities of the Hindu pantheon are handcrafted with the finest attention to detail.

Sayar jewellery is a trusted and well known shop for gold jewellery.

It is Chennai’s well kept secret.

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