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Gold Jewellery: Chennai is a great shopping destination to buy gold jewellery. There...Read More


Tanishq is a jewellery shop with a Tata brand name . They are recognized as one of the trusted jewellery houses . Traditionally, Jewellery in India has largely been a family oriented business and most of the businesses are privately held. Tanishq is one of the few jewellery houses that is operated by a large & prominent house in India . The Tanishq jewellery store deals in diamond & gold jewelley . The Chennai branch is located in the busy Cathedral Road . Jaipur Gems, Bapalal & Co Jewelers , Prince Jewelery House and Khazana are some of the popular jewellery shops that are in close proximity to the Tanishq shop. . The Vummudi Bangaru shop is towards Nungambakam High Road. As jewellery is not a common item that is purchased everyday , it is advisable to visit a few jewelery shops to compare the deisgns , the prices and the suitability of the jewellery pieces before any purchase is done. The Tanishq showroom in Chennai is a small one. There is however a good collection of diamond bangles, earrings, rings & necklaces. There are several shops in Chennai which stock diamond sets that have traditional designs. However, in Tanishq, you can find diamond necklaces and bracelets in modern designs . There are both short necklaces and long necklaces with pendants that are available. The quality of jewellery is assured as they are jewellery certified as being made of the best quality. Hallmark verification is available as well There is also a section for gold jewellery pieces such as gold bangles, gold necklaces gold bracelets and gold earrings. They stock some delicate gold jewellery pieces as well as heavy gold jewellery necklaces. When shopping in Chennai for gold or diamond jewellery, make sure you take a look at Tanishq . It is one of the best shops for jewellery in Chennai.
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Gold Jewellery: Chennai is a great shopping destination to buy gold jewellery. There are a number of branded shops offering a mix of traditional and stylish jewellery suitable for all occasions.

Though most people consider purchasing gold jewellery as an auspicious act on its own, these shops run huge promotions on occasions such as Akshaya Tritiya (an auspicious day for Hindus to buy gold) to attract customers into buying some really exquisite pieces of ornaments.

Tanishq, Khazana Jewellery, Gehna, and Ranee’s, among others make it to the list of top jewelry shops in Chennai.

Tanishq from the house of Tatas enjoys a huge presence in the city of Chennai. It has 7 stores at various locations; the largest one being at T.Nagar. Authentic gold and diamond jewellery adorn the shelves of their Cathedral Road-based store in the form of earrings, rings, nose pins, chains and bracelets.

We particularly liked their trendy collection of diamond bangles, earrings, rings and necklaces. They have both short necklaces and long necklaces on display with pendants.

Located at St. Mary’s Road near the Crowne Plaza, Ranee’s is a beautiful store dealing in jewelry, handicrafts, textiles and carpets. Their jewelry pieces are elegantly designed by skilled goldsmiths and craftsmen from Kolkata.

You may particularly check for earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in this shop. Got a specific design in mind? Ranee’s also provides you with the option to customize jewellery designs as per your taste.

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