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What's Interesting:Golu dolls

Products:Gifts and Handicrafts, Handicrafts

LIC Building Opp. , No.108, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002

10 am -8 pm

Rs2000 - Rs2,00,000

Days Closed





Roadside Parking

Poompuhar Chennai Handicrafts Store

This is a Tamilnadu Government promoted handicrafts store, which was setup in 1973. The Poompuhar Art Gallery has an exquisite collection of handicraft items from Tamil Nadu.

As you walk into the ground floor the dazzling handicrafts in brass will  surprise you with the sheer variety and shine.The brass lamps alone will keep you mesmerised for a long time. Firstly, there are lamps in varying sizes. Some of the brass lamps are 2 feet in height while some are even taller. Some  lamps are as small as 6 inches in height. The interesting fact is that brass lamps with a parrot ,a peacock or deity of Hindu Gods are very popular as compared to simple lamps . There are hanging lamps ,floor lamps and wall lamps as well.

These are typically oil lamps.

The prices will range from Rs500/pair to Rs12000/pair on an average.

Brass lamps at Poompuhar

Brass lamps at Poompuhar

As you walk into the adjoining rooms, giant sculptures in bronze will greet you .Sculptures of Shiva as the dancing Lord Natraja, of Ganesha, of goddesses Lakshmi & Parvathy are all beautifully crafted. The detailing is  certainly remarkable .

Bronze sculptures

Bronze sculptures at Poompuhar

In addition, check out Tanjore paintings and  wall hangings in wood. This is ideal to be used in the doorway .

Wooden wall hangings

Wood wall hanging


In addition to handicrafts ,furniture is also available in the store.Dining tables, consoles ,wooden swings in rosewood are beautifully crafted and certainly worth a look. These items are displayed on the first floor.However, these are artistically created furniture pieces.

Golu Dolls

This shop also specialises in ‘Golu dolls’.

Golu dolls in Poompuhar

Mud dolls in Poompuhar

These are dolls made of mud  or paper mâché and hold special significance in Tamil Nadu as they are worshipped and displayed during the holy period of “Navratras”. Dolls of all the Hindu Gods and Goddesses are available in Poompuhar .

As this is a Government owned shop, the prices are just right and the quality is magnificent as the items are sourced from the artisans.

This is one of the best shops for Handicrafts in Chennai.

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