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About Shawls and Scarves

Shawls and Scarves Shops in Delhi: There is a long admired tradition of...Read More

Shawls and Scarves Shops in Delhi: There is a long admired tradition of accessorising dresses with shawls and scarves. Interestingly, the tradition goes as far back as ancient Roman times, where the scarf was called as sudarium (Latin word). Sudarium or sweat cloth played an important role as a glorified handkerchief in court ceremonies and rituals.

The scarf has come a long way since then and has evolved to become the ultimate chic accessory today. This is one wardrobe essential that can help you be stylish in seconds. Hermes, the high fashion luxury maker has made it an ultimate status symbol. It is also used as a fashion accessory at special occasions like weddings, both as a wrap over the shoulders or dropped across body.

Typically, women wear shawls for added warmth during the winter season.

Women also use the scarf for religious purposes to cover the head.

People often use the words ‘shawls’ and ‘scarves’ interchangeably. However, a long scarf is called as shawl. You can easily identify a shawl by looking at its size and shape. Most of the shawls come in rectangular or even triangular shape.

Scarves also come in a variety of sizes like short scarves, long scarves and extra-long scarves.

You can experiment with the “statement scarf” if you are looking to add a trendy touch to any basic outfit like jeans and tee. Pick your favorite color or print that defines your personality in the best way and wear it with jeans.

A scarf in one of these classic colors such as gray, navy, camel or black is a versatile scarf and can be worn with any dress.

The glam scarf, on the other hand, is your companion for special occasions. A scarf with gold or metallic accents is the ultimate accessory to add luxury to your party ensemble.

And if we are talking about scarves, we can’t afford not to mention Pashminas. Pashmina shawls are made from pashmina cashmere or viscose. These super soft and cozy scarves are known for both their warmth and light weight. Besides winters, Pashminas are best suited for romantic evening strolls.

India has a rich tradition of shawls mostly from Kashmir.

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