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Fabric World

When you are shopping in Chennai for sofa upholstery , curtains, blinds or mattresses , do visit the store Fabric World. Fabric World is a well known store for upholstery and home furnishings in TTK Road, Chennai . The store is in the center of town in front of the Music Academy Theater. Parking is a challenge on the road. This is a small Chennai shop . There are samples of mattresses with varying thicknesses that are displayed . The mattresses could be used for a sofa upholstery , a couch or a bed . There are foam mattresses and coir mattresses that are available here . The price would depend on the dimensions , in terms of the height width and thickness. The mattress could be customized according to specific requirments. While the fabrics for sofas and curtains are not displayed due to paucity of space, there are catalogues with sample fabrics and prices for reference. The catalog collection is vast . They stock both domestic & imported fabrics in their godown. The staff is very friendly and helpful . They also organize for the tailors or liners to visit the venue and recommend the quantity required. The tailors in general do a neat and efficient job. The tailoring charges are reasonable and could vary depending on the volume of work. There are also blinds and shades that are in vogue . There are roller shades, faux wood blinds , wooden blinds , vertical blinds and blackout darkening blinds . This could be used in lieu of curtains to give a modern touch to homes. Nothing defines a house more than the drapery. The choice is limitless. They also undertake work on vinyl flooring and laminate flooring Fabric World has been in this location for about 3 years . It is one of the top places in Chennai to buy uphosltry fabric .
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Home Centre

The Home Center shop in Chennai is located in a very central corner on the main TTK Road in Alwarpet , at the round about . It is a chain store and has branches in several Indian cities. It is a spacious shop and has a vast collection of home décor pieces displayed immediately after the entrance . There are small fountains, statues of Buddha, Fengshui plants , varieties of candles, candle stands and several other small items to decorate homes . They are useful for gifting purposes as well. On the left are the dining and kitchen essentials. Plates and spoons, cookware and other essential items such cutting boards, graters, juicers and other new utilitatrian items for the kitchen are all available . Table mats , coasters & napkins in colourful deisgns are also displayed . Further down is a range of home furnishing items . It is the largest section in the store with a variety of things on offer. There are door mats , bed covers , bed sheets, cushion covers, ready made window and door curtains . Blackout curtains that keep out the light and heat are also available . Hand towels and bath towels in many new designs and in soft cotton fabrics are well stocked. All the essential furnishing items that are required for any new house are available in Home Centre . There is a large section for furniture as well . They stock beds, side tables, center tables , dining tables and lamps . There are sofa stets in many styles and designs. The sofas , the dining sets and the beds are laid out and displayed in a manner that makes it easy to visualize how the pieces would fit in a home. The entire top floor of this Chennai shop is given over to furniture display. The prices are reasonable. If you are shopping in Chennai for home furnishings, do walk into this Home Center shop for some quick purchases.
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Giri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd.

When visiting the Kapaleeshwara Temple in the Mylapore Shopping Market in Chennai ,make sure you stop by at Giri Trading .You could be interested to buy an aarthi plate ( Aarti is performed after setting fire to camphor usually as the last step of puja- .WIKI ) a brass lamp or a brass idol . South India is well known for its brass & bronze handicrafts. Brass and Bronze decorative Items Situated right outside the Kapalishwara temple precincts, the location of Giri Trading shop is unbeatable. This is a hugely popular Chennai shop for products that are used in everyday household worship. This is a four storied building with a vast collection of items that will astonish even the most ardent devotees. Brass lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes are displayed very prominently. Lighting oil lamps is a widely prevalent practice in South India. Incense sticks, agarbathis, kumkum, sandal powder, mehendi (hand coloring), paper garlands, Kolam( floor design) stickers and all that you can ever think of are available here .The first floor has idols of Indian deities ,gifts and decorative items in brass . The prices range from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per piece. Hanging lamps, standing lamps in very artistic shapes, bells and conches are very cultural and also appealing. They have a whole floor dedicated to religious texts and mythology books and comics for children. The fourth floor is dedicated to music cassettes. Recordings of the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures), and traditional and devotional songs in Tamil and other Indian languages can be found here. This is a one stop shop for shopping in Chennai for religious products.
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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu which is known for its gorgeous temples , beautiful beaches , Kanchipuram silks and gold jewellery . Chennai is a world renowned cultural center for the performing arts such as Bhartnatyam and Carnatic music. Its handicrafts, which take the form of bronze statues and brass lamps , are evocative of the temple friezes and decorations. The designs and patterns on the Kanchipuram silk sarees also draw inspiration from the sculptures in the temples. If you are a first time visitor to Chennai , visit the Kapaleeswara Temple in Mylapore to get a flavor of the local ambience .The temple pond is surrounded by street shops selling fresh flowers, fruits, bangles ,mud dolls and such stuff . Sukra is a well known silver ware shop on the west side of the pond. The other shops nearby include RASI, which is famous for Kanchipuram silks ,Giri Brothers for all items related to household worship and music and Shanti Tailors who specialize in dance costumes and jewellery. Some of the best gold jewellery shops can be found in Chennai.