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Chennai is a historical city. It was known as Madras earlier. In fact,...Read More


It is known for its tree-lined avenues, the seventh-century Kapaleeshwara Temple ,SanThome Basilica and Ramakrishna Math. Mylapore is regarded as the birthplace of the Tamil poet and saint Thiruvalluvar, who is one of the icons of Tamil literature. Mylapore is known for its cultural and religious heritage. The Kapaleeshwara temple has a famous tank and shops line all four sides of the tank. It has everything from spices (Ambika Applam Depot) to stainless steel shops. Sukra is a famous silver shop on the west side of the tank. There are a dozen street vendors in this area who sell bangles, flowers, fruits and other small items and where bargaining is allowed and practiced. It is noisy and crowded area. Shopping near the Mylapore tank is a quintessential Chennai shopping experience Mylapore is also known for its classical dance accessories. Costumes, jewellery and other dance accessories can be found near the Kapaleeswara Temple in Shanti Tailors store. Sukra also stocks dance jewellery. Another famous shop is “GIRI trading” which specializes in all things spiritual such as deities, puja articles and religious music CDs. Ahead is Rasi Silks,which is a very well known brand and your best bet for beautiful silk sarees, scarves,and Tanjore paintings . It is one of the best known shops for bridal wear sarees. Shrinivas Silks , which is closer to the Mylapore tank in the Luz Bazar is another well known shop for Kanjivaram silk sarees & cotton sarees. The Chennai City Center shopping mall in Mylapore, has a multiplex, a food court and several shops. See which are the best shops in Mylapore with our shopping guide on famous markets in Chennai
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T Nagar Chennai

This is an original Chennai shopping market and is one of the busiest at all times of the day .This shopping market in Chennai is considered the biggest shopping district in India in terms of revenue. What with the flower sellers, other street vendors selling anything from hairpins to sweetmeats, the auto rickshaws, the taxis and the pedestrians, the area is chaotic at all times Although initially conceived as a residential locality, T.Nagar, is now one of the principal shopping markets of the city. Its bazaars are frequented by a number of shoppers. On a typical weekend, the number of people who visit Pondy Bazaar, the area’s principal commercial market, might exceed 500,000. During the festival season, because of the discounts and price reductions offered by the shops, this number could be higher. There are a number of apparel, jewellery and utensil stores that are frequented by the locals everyday . Usman road in T Nagar ,is the costliest commercial stretch in Chennai. Some of the famous shops in this area include Nalli Chinnasamy Chetti, Pothys, RmKV ,Kumaran Silks and Prince jewellery . All these shops , with the exception of Prince Jewellery , are bridal wear shops known for their collection of exquisite Kanjivaram silk sarees .The retail giant Sarvana stores has an apparel showroom and an utensils showroom in T Nagar. It is one of the best known departmental stores in Chennai. Ranganathan Street for household goods is one of the most crowded roads for pedestrian traffic during day time. T Nagar Shopping / Pangal Park Shopping: See which are the best shops in T Nagar / Pangal Park with our shopping guide on famous markets in Chennai
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Mount Road

Gemini Anna Salai Mount Road Royapettah – Taking you shopping through Chennai Anna Salai, formerly known as St. Thomas Mount Road or simply Mount Road,[1] is an arterial road in Chennai that stretches for 11 km. Anna Salai is almost 400 years old and has its origins in a cart track which was used by the European employees of the British East India Company to travel from the factory at Fort St George to the holy town of St Thomas Mount where the apostle St Thomas was crucified. In the following years, the road became part of the city’s central business district. Several renowned corporations have their headquarters on Mount Road- The Amalgamations Group and the TVS Group to name two . Other prominent buildings on this road include , the LIC (Life Insurance Corporation ) building , the Spencers Plaza mall . While Mount Road is not a typical shopping market , there are numerous shops on this road . As it is a long road, it passes through several areas in Chennai. In the Tenaympet area of Mount Road , there are shops selling lighting fixtures and modern lights and lamps for the homes. These shops are on the main Mount Road. Near the Gemni flyover are the Vummudi jewellery showrooms. Vummudi is one of the best shop for gold ,silver and diamond jewellery in Chennai . Further down , VTI and Poompuhar are well known for their bronze and brass handicrafts and have very prominent showrooms on this road . The best of Chennai shopping can be done in VTI .Higginbothams is and old book shop is closeby .The Old Madras Curiosity Shop ,opposite the Spencers Plaza is a quaint shop selling curios . Spencers Plaza is a old landmark in Chennai . It is a Chennai Mall. If one were to turn right opposite Spencers Plaza on Mount Road , there is the Express Avenue Mall in Royapettah. The Amethyst, nearby ,is a stand alone shop in idyllic surroundings. They stock Indo western wear and contemporary jewellery. Further to the right on Royapettah High Road are many furniture shops . See which are the best shops in Gemini, Anna Salai, Mount Road, Royapettah with our shopping guide on famous markets in Chennai
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Kanchipuram (referred by the British as Kāñci-pura or Conjevaram) is a town which is approximately 70 km (45 miles) from Chennai , the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is known for its silk weaving industry. Kanchipuram is also home to some ancient and spectacular temples. The Varadharaja Perumal Temple, the Ekambareswarar Temple, the Kamakshi Amman Temple, the Kumarakottam Temple and the Kailasanathar Temple are some of major Hindu temples in town. The silk trade in Kanchipuram began when King Raja Raja Chola I (985–1014 AD) invited weavers to migrate to Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram was initially a predominantly cotton weaving town and it was during the reign of King Krishna Deva Raya that silk weaving gained prominence. The silk threads used for weaving the Kanjivaram sari are made up of three single threads twisted together. The threads are dipped in rice water and dried in the sun. The zari that is used is silver wire dipped in liquid gold. The mulberry silk, the raw material for silk weaving, is extremely fine and durable and comes from the neighbouring State of Karnataka There are several prominent silk sari stores in Kanchipuram, which have their own weaving and dyeing units. Several houses in the town have looms in which the silk weaving is undertaken. Until recently, there were no shops or stores to display the silk saris. The front room of the weaver’s house served as a store and the rooms at the back of the house had weaving looms. Some of the storeowners would gladly take you around and show you their manufacturing facilities even today. Traditionally, South Indian brides wear silk saris at their wedding. So, bridal wear shopping is best done in Kanchipuram, although some of the reputed shops have their branches in Chennai. The locals from Chennai city and other neighbouring towns visit Kanchipuram when they shop for weddings or other special occasions. Babu Sah is the best known shop for Kanjivaram silk sarees . Visitors to Kanchipuram should note that several shopping escorts stop cars and try to guide tourists .It is advisable not to go with these guides and to go to the preferred shops directly. One can phone the shops in case any help is required. Kanchipuram Shopping: Looking to buy Kanjivaram silk sarees and Kanchi cotton sarees? See which are the best shops in Kanchipuram with our shopping guide on famous markets in Chennai
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Chennai is a historical city. It was known as Madras earlier. In fact, it was the Portuguese who first set foot in what is known as Mylapore in Chennai. Chennai Shopping Markets such as ,T Nagar, Parry’s Corner, Town, Mount Road,  and Mylapore are historical areas as well.

Mylapore-Chennai Shopping Market

Mylapore is a bustling market area in south Chennai. The famous Kapalishwar Temple and the St.Thomas Church ,  are two important places of worship,  located in Mylapore .The Kapalishwar Temple defines the Mylapore shopping experience. The whole atmosphere is religious. Further ,prayer books and  all things religious are available in the Giri Brothers store just outside the Temple. It is the best Chennai shop for items such as oil lamps, devotional cassettes,agarbati, paper flowers, aarti plates, camphor .In other words. all things that are typically used in religious events.

Shanthi Tailors is another iconic store here and they stock beautiful dance jewellery and dance costumes. In addition, steel utensils, grocery, golu dolls and of course the  exquisite Kanjivaram sarees are available in Mylapor.
Mylapore street shopping is  a unique experience. 
Lets take a look at other interesting markets.

T Nagar- Chennai Market

T Nagar is another favorite Chennai shopping Market ,popular for traditional Silk sarees and jewellery. This shopping market is always crowded. Nalli Silks, Kumaran Silks ,Pothy’s and  GRT are all popular shops for silk sarees. Sravana Stores s also in T nagar.  It is a department store for everything from grocery, steel utensils ,accessorries, jewellery & garments 

Nungambakam -Chennai Market

In comparison, the Nungambakam market in Chennai is a modern shopping market. Designer  wear stores, such as Ritu Kumar, Evoluzione and the Good Earth Store are in Nungamabkam. There are several multi cuisine restaurants in this market.  In fact, it is not a  crowded  market

Old Madras Shopping Markets 

 In additiion, Town, Parrys Corner and Mount Road are popular  Chennai Markets .They are overcrowded wholesale markets .Town & Parry’s Corner Markets  are well known for several items including garments at wholesale prices. Mount Road is a central road in Chennai. It connects large parts of the city .It is a wide and long stretch of Road . Above all, it has  several office buildings . VTI & Poompuhar, the Govt handicrafts stores are located here.

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