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Sundari Silks

Sundari Silks -Best silk saree shop in Chennai Firstly,Sundari Silks -Best silk saree shop in Chennai,is housed in a large showroom where you can shop at a leisurely pace for exquisite Kanjivaram saris. The square shape of the building with a small atrium in the centre allows for easy movement in the shop. There are not many shops in chennai which can boast of this kind of ambience . Sundari silks is a highly recommended shop in the Chennai shopping list. They have a great selection of pure Kanjivaram silk saris which come in traditional designs with a contemporary touch. Since they introduce new designs and styles often, these are very suitable for the modern day woman. Kanjivaram sarees are typically in 2 contrast colours . The body is in a single colour and the border and the pallu are in a separate colour . The gold zari on the Kanjivaram silk saree is gorgeous and attractive. Temple borders, borders with peacock designs and Mango designs, jacquard designs and a variety of other designs are all woven beautifully. They have a new set of Kanjivaram silk sarees that are introduced often.The colour combinations are unique and the designs are different . The prices start from Rs6000/piece and can go upto Rs60000/piece on an average. Ina ddition,there is a section for grand Bridal wear sarees.They are heavy and really grand sarees suitable for the bride.Typically, South Indian brides from a particular community wear a red saree for the wedding . Therefore, these grand sarees are ideally worn at the wedding reception. No wonder that Sundari Silks -Best silk saree shop in Chennai is always crowded. Gadwal sarees and Patola sarees Further, apart from Kanjivaram silk saris, they have a large variety of other saris , such as the Patola, Gadwal, Uppada and soft silk sarees. The ground floor is given over to this vast saree section. Walk around and check all the varieties . Some of the sarees are silk based while some other sarees are cotton based. Children’s wear They have a separate section for children’s wear and casual salwar suits for women the first floor. You can also shop for traditional dhotis for men here. Consequently,it is a shop for the entire family. Sundari Silks has a loyal clientele in Chennai.
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Pothys – Aalayam of silks Pothys is housed in a 10 storied building and stocks clothing for the entire family. The ground floor is exclusively given over to cotton sarees from the different Indian States. There is an entire floor dedicated to Kanjivaram sarees , also known as pattu silk sarees ,ranging from very reasonably priced ones to very expensive ones. The pattu sarees are from the well known weavers of Kanchipuram the hometown for silk looms for silk sarees . Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as “knowledge of body features.” Samudrika Pattu is the name given by Pothys for their exquisite silk saree collection. Parampara and Vasthrakala are their other saree collections . This Chennai shop has a huge collection of wedding sarees and bridal wear sarees . Pothys has also pioneered the trend of customized bridal sarees where they would weave the names of the bride and bride groom on the pallu of the saree or weave the images of the couple on the saree. There are separate floors for georgette, chiffon and silk cotton sarees and a separate floor for sequined, embroidered and zardosi worked sarees from the North. Pothys has a rich heritage of over 90 years in the business. Their first store was in Srivilliputhur, a small town in the south of Tamil Nadu. They started off by selling cotton sarees, dhotis and towels. Expanding rapidly, the chain store became popular for its sarees, especially silk sarees. Today , there is a children’s section which has dresses for boys and girls and a men’s section which stocks sherwanis and kurtas . Pothys is also famous for unstitched salwar suit pieces and readymade salwars and kurtis for women. The basement is given over to costume jewellery. The counter clerks and the service staff are very efficient and quick . All the purchases are placed in sturdy cloth carry bags which are much sought after. Visitors to Pothys always have a surprise waiting for them. On many occasions, the store gifts plant saplings to its customers. At times , the store offers soft drinks and sweets and an attractive calendar at the time of the new year. Their annual sale – Aadi Thallupadi ,happens in the Tamil month of Aadi( June-July ). There is a 10 to 20% discount on all purchases. The store is crowded at all times as customers would like to maximise their purchases during this period. The popularity of Pothys is due to the availability of a wide variety of clothing in an affordable price range. However, parking is an issue, as one needs to park the vehicles at quite a distance from the store.
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Nalli Silk Sarees

Nalli Silks in Chennai Nalli, the world famous silk store ,has been in existence since 1928 . They started the shop in T Nagar and have been expanding their business in the last 84 years . The trust and loyalty placed on them is unmatched and their prices are unbeatable.This Chennai shop is in the same location for the past several years . The old style Madras (Chennai)house is well worth a visit. While they are world renowned for their Kanjivaram silks, saris from other States are also available in this huge store. Kanchi Cottons ,Madurai cottons Patola Silks & Gadwal Sarees The ground floor has saris of the following varieties; Benares cotton,Kanchi cotton,Madurai cotton, Bengal cotton sarees , Patola, Gadwal sarees and some other varieties of sarees as well. Each saree is available in a distinct section. There are several salespeople who will help you around. Pattu sarees/pure Silk sarees Silk sarees are woven in towns such as Arni ,Dharmavaram towns in addition to Kanjivaram . They have come to be known as Arni & Dharmavaram Silk sarees. The silk saris come with real zaris borders that are woven with gold thread borders.You can also look out for saris that have just one side borders.In addition ,there are saris in soft silks ,polyester ,georgette and crepe. The saree variety is endless and there are sarees to suit every pocket for every occasion. Fabrics in Chennai There is a section for blouse materials and ready made blouses too. The ground floor has a good selection of fabrics .Cotton,polyester,silk ,IKAAT, -You can mix & match to have a very different kind of blouse. You can also shop around for dhotis and shirts for men. Nalli was the original silk saree shop in Chennai. Shopping in Chennai for silk sarees meant visiting the Nalli stores. There are several other shops that have come up in the last 10 years.
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Chennai Shopping Guide -T Nagar

Firstly, T Nagar is an original Chennai shopping market and is one of the busiest at all times of the day. It is considered the biggest shopping district in India in terms of revenue.

Some of the best shops in Chennai for Kanjivaram silk sarees, bridal wear sarees and Jewellery are in T Nagar. In addition, there are flower sellers and street vendors selling anything from hairpins, clips, bangles,  sweets, raw mangoes and coconuts on the streets. The T Nagar shopping area is chaotic at all times with the auto rickshaws, taxis and  pedestrians constantly moving along the road. Hence it is a crowded shopping market in Chennai.

The retail giant Sarvana stores has an apparel showroom and an utensils showroom in T Nagar. It is considered as one of the best known departmental stores in Chennai. The prices are very reasonable for all the products.

Therefore, the local residents  flock to Sarvana Stores in T Nagar.

T Nagar Shopping – Pondy Bazar Shopping

T Nagar, is now one of the principal shopping markets of the city although it was conceived as a residential colony. Pondy Bazar  is one of  the arterial roads in T Nagar and  area’s principal commercial market. On a typical weekend, the number of people who visit Pondy Bazaar, might exceed 500,000. During the festival season, there are a lot of  discounts and price reductions  that are offered by the shops.

It is due to this reason that the number of shoppers multiply and the shops are all always crowded.

Silk Saree Shops in Chennai Shopping Market

Usman road in T Nagar, is the costliest commercial stretch in Chennai. Some of the famous shops in this road include Sundari Silks , Nalli Chinnasamy Chetti, Pothys, RmKV and Kumaran Silks. All the shops are  known for their collection of exquisite Kanjivaram silk sarees and other varieties of saree. In addition, there is a great choice of bridal wear sarees  that is available here. There is an excellent collection of silk cotton sarees, Kanchi cotton sarees, Gadwal sarees.

Jewellery Shops in Pondy Bazar Chennai

GRT, Joy Alukkas and Prince Jewellers are some of the famous jewellery shops in Chennai that have a branch in T Nagar.

Consequently, you can buy the best gold & diamond jewellery in here.

Street Shopping

Ranganathan Street is one of the most crowded streets in this Chennai shopping market. Simple everyday goods are available in the stores in this street. Items such as utensils, vegetables & fruits, flowers, apparel and imitation jewellery are all available here.

Hence, this shopping market is a popular with almost everyone.


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