FAQ on Shopkhoj
What is ShopKhoj?ShopKhoj is a vertical portal (vortal) on shopping in India. Factual information on markets and shops in important cities across India are provided by a team of dedicated shoppers.

Does ShopKhoj offer online or catalogue shopping?No. This site is primarily aimed at helping tourists and domestic shoppers identify good shops and markets in a city, before setting out on a shopping expedition.

What does ShopKhoj do to help tourists shop?Tourists always look out for places to shop when they visit a new city. ShopKhoj was conceived to cater to this need. It provides a search function, through which a tourist can discover a specific shop to buy a specific product in a particular area of an Indian city. A person without any clue about the markets and shopping centers will be able to find all the popular markets too.

Even those who have lived in one locality for years and have set shopping habits, will be encouraged to venture out, discover and experiment, thanks to the one-stop shopping information portal, shopkhoj.com. An avid shopper in the city may also stumble upon a new shop on this site.
A newcomer to the city from other parts of India can use this site as a ready reckoner and explore all the markets confidently.

What kind of shops does ShopKhoj include on its portal?The categories that interest women the most have been included accompanied by most popular sub-categories. Namely:
Clothes: Indian Wear — Sarees, Salwars Suits, Lehangas; Western Wear — Tops, Trousers, Skirts and Evening Wear.
Jewellery: Gold, Silver, Costume/Imitation
Accessories: Footwear & Bags, Shawls & Scarves
Handicrafts & Home: Gifts, Arts & Handicrafts and Home Decor
Home Furnishings: Bed Linen, Carpets, Curtains, Upholstery

Can I trust the information provided as current and authentic?All the information provided on the site is first-hand and collected by women who live in the cities concerned, while out shopping. Updates are carried out as soon as a change comes to our notice on repeat visits.

We trust that the information on the price range prevalent in a shop or market as a whole will remain relevant for a period of time, in keeping with their profile. However not all seasonal rebates, discount offers and clearance sales are recorded.
Bargaining in some market places is a given and the extent of price reduction depends wholly on your persuasion skills.

In short, ShopKhoj will definitely give you a fair idea of what to expect in terms of quality and price from a particular outlet, but we may not be able to help you to plan your purchases to the last decimal point! Also, do fall back on your own judgment and use your discretion while shopping, because the decision to buy is also dictated by your purse.

Last but not the least, feel free to post any updates you may have about a shop, market, product, product category or price through the CONTACT US section. It will help to enrich our content and will help other visitors too.

I did not find my favorite shop on your site/My friend recommended a shop, but you have not mentioned it/I walked into a store and it was great, but you did not list it?Shokhoj.com provides a shortlist of 50 to 100 shops per city. We may not be able to feature each and every great shop out there. We may pick a handful of the best shops in a market, but your favorite could well be the one we dropped. Again, we encourage you to provide genuine FEEDBACK through the CONTACT US section . That is the best way to ensure information is kept up-to-date and relevant.

I have a query. Will you answer me?Yes, of course. Go to CONTACT US section and send your message.