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Go India shopping with us. When it comes to shopping in India, there is so much variety – no two markets are similar, no two shops stock the same products – so how does one decide what to buy in India?

That is why we created SHOPKHOJ.COM.  Above all,it is an India Shopping Guide 

What Makes Shopkhoj.com India’s No.1 Shopping Guide?

  As a matter of fact, we have searched the markets across India to bring to you an India shopping guide no one else has shared with you yet – which shops have the best QUALITY, which have the best PRICES, which ones are happy to BARGAIN, which have that FABRIC that you have been looking for all over, where you can CUSTOM-DESIGN your wedding outfits. Get all the scoops – right here on SHOPKHOJ.com.

 In other words, we help you search and find shops within a city, an area, a product category or a price range on our website – so you know where to go and what to buy before you set out to shop. Based on personal reviews and experiences of local women in each city, we have provided simple qualitative information on shops along with handy maps for you to find the shops easily. Accompanied by Google map directions, how-to-get-there and specific shop-timings – we are sure that our site will simplify your search and enhance your shopping experience.

India Shopping Guide – 7 Indian Cities

 We present information on 7 Indian cities – Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai, Bangalore,Kolkata,Pondicherry and Jaipur. For instance, read about the history & culture of these  cities, understand where the best local  shopping markets are located and the best products in each of the markets.  Above all, the ethnic diversity of products in each of the cities is interesting ,amazing and exciting.

 Further, read about the best  shopping malls in each of the cities where you can find all the international brands ,the best entertainment zones and dining options.

 As a matter of fact, we have more than 150 shopping blogs and interesting shopping videos.

Online Shopping

 In addition, we have a separate page for the best online shops. It is not offline anymore. Many shops have online presence as well.

Product Glossary

 Further, we have an extensive glossary on the rich variety of  Indian Textiles(clothing ),Indian jewellery,Indian Handicrafts and Indian accessories.  Read and find out the best shops .

Search in Shopkhoj

Last but not the least, SEARCH in our website. Search for the best shops, shopping markets, shopping malls and products .

 In conclusion, enjoy the India Shopping Guide- www.shopkhoj.com

Welcome to an Empowering Shopping Experience at Shopkhoj.com!!! 

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Ananya  laid the ground work & was instrumental in starting Shopkhoj.com. She is graduate from the college of William & Mary(2nd oldest college after Harvard) in the United States  & the prestigious S.D.A. Bocconi School of Management in Milan.


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He is leveraging his profound knowledge in data analytics, visualizations, unstructured data, research, internet based solutions, and over 28 years of experience working on large scale, complex projects in health care, electronics, manufacturing, F& B and automotive sectors to drive the company towards unrivaled success.

Besides managing the mandatory responsibilities of his Founder / CEO. Vijay looks out to changing business conditions, adapting to new ways of providing trans formative solutions, and keeping entrepreneur spirit growing.

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Apart from teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses at the University level, she has also served as VP Product Development and Chief Product and Reaearch Scientist to startups navigating the Education space. She has over 20 years experience working in public sector education supporting schools towards learning, including design and delivery of learning modules, events, workshops etc. In addition she has provided senior level consulting services to various industries (telecom, healthcare, finance, public sector) with Oracle and Unisys.

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