We are Hiring Writers, Mystery Shoppers and Shopping Tour Guides

We're Hiring

Are you a Shopping Enthusiast?

If you get an adrenaline rush at the thought of all those shops, malls, sales and “things to buy” out there.

If you wake up nice and cheery only because you are going out shopping that day…

If you are the sort who would not stop to think twice about crossing to the other side of town for bargain deals.

If you are the kind who does a shopping search on the Internet without really intending to shop…
then you should be part of our team.

We at Shopkhoj also breathe, eat and live shops.

Being a startup, we are always on the lookout for fresh talent. We are an all- women team here and do believe it is women who are passionate about shopping. But men who love to push over-laden shopping carts around are most welcome.

We need writers, mystery shoppers, shopping tour guides and volunteers to do a dozen other things related to shopping.

Make sure we hear from you. Drop us a line at contact@shopkhoj.com

Disclaimer:- If there are any copyright issues with our photos we are willing to add the credits or remove them.