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Gold and Diamond Jewellery Shops in Delhi: Gold is an all-time favourite with...Read More

Gold and Diamond Jewellery Shops in Delhi: Gold is an all-time favourite with jewellery lovers. Talk about the Indian context and the very word ‘gold’ usually symbolizes festivities and special occasions like weddings. Gold is usually given to the bride.

There is a tradition of buying gold ornaments on weddings as it is considered auspicious. It is also a very valuable investment. From maang tikka to jhumkas, necklaces, bangles, rings, bracelets and toe rings, one can get all these items in gold.

Gold ornaments are available in different designs. There are traditional designs in the South that include the waist band and the Kasu Malai (coin chain). These are items that are particular to the South.

Kolkata is traditionally known for its beautiful gold craftsmanship. Gold bangles and necklaces are very popular. Gold filigree work is also very popular.

It is important to visit well established shops when purchasing gold jewellery. One has to check hall mark sign on gold jewellery before the purchase. The purity of gold should be authenticated.

Tanishq, Khanna Jewellers, P.P. Jewellers, Orra and Mehrasons Jewellers are some of the popular gold and diamond jewellery shops in Delhi.

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