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Best Tops, Trousers and Skirts Shops in Delhi: Tops are short blouses worn...Read More

Marks and Spencers-DLF Promenade

M & S is a very reputed branded retail shop for garments, accessories, food products, home accessories , garden furniture ,cookware and even luggage. There is nothing that you cannot purchase in M&S . They started operations in the year 1884 in UK. They opened their Indian operations more than a decade ago. This particular M& S store in the Promenade Mall, is very popular. It is large & spacious ,as is any M& S store . It occupies 2 floors . The ground floor stocks all men’s clothing brands . On the first floor is the women’s section. On one corner are the personal care products – Body & bath gels, hand soaps, face scrubs, moisturizes and other products related to personal hygiene . There are shoes and sandals for women. Some are trendy and colourful while others are normal everyday wear kind of shoes. Then you have leggings and jeggings for women who wish to wear skin tight and tight fitted jeans . Then there are the normal trousers -slim legs and flared . There is a section for the jeans . There is also a section for women’s suits, jackets & trousers as well as woolens. The women’s tops are something to check out in the store. From tees to evening wear tops, the range is vast. Plain and printed tops in a variety of styles are available here . What is interesting in the store is the layout. You will have to walk around the shops a couple of time to check out everything . The products are arranged in an interesting way .Tops or trousers will be displayed in close proximity . A particular variety of trouser will be displayed at another distinct spot . There are some beautiful evening wear dresses also. There is a large collection of lingerie. The average price for a Top would be about Rs 1500 to Rs 2000/piece. They are stylish & comfortable . M&S is a trend setter for western wear dresses for women in India. As Indian women move to a more western oriented dress format, there was a dearth of well tailored and good quality western wear dresses. M&S has filled the gap.
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Best Tops, Trousers and Skirts Shops in Delhi: Tops are short blouses worn with pants or trousers. It is typically western wear.
Tops with big and small bows, off shoulder, cold shoulder, earthy hues, beautiful floral prints, quirky polka dots, bold stripes, breezy laces and feminine embroidery have all been loved in the world of fashion. The bold shades of red also never fail to cast its spell on the onlooker.
Trousers and pants are also western wear. The modern history has witnessed the evolution of fashion, where trousers or pants have adapted with the change of time right from the early 90’s. For instance, women love to wear formal pants at workplaces. These can be paired up with a shirt and a blazer too for a formal office look. Culottes or flared pants that ends few inches below from knee are also quite popular among working women. You may also upgrade your wardrobe with options like palazzo, pegged, tapered, boot cut, cigarette, formal and baggy pants.
Skirts have been worn by women from ancient times. Skirts are narrow at the waist and flared at the bottom. Belted midi skirt, knotted skirt, ruffled wrap skirt, skater skirt, hem mini skirt, corset skirt, velvet skirt, pom pom skirt and pencil skirt have ruled the fashion runways in the last few years.
Maxi skirts are also hot favourites among fashion enthusiasts. What’s more, you may invest in belted, flared, or denim A-line maxi skirts to steal the spotlight this season!
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