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Top 10 reasons to visit Zara in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

top 10 reasons to visit Zara, Zara clothing, AMbience Mall, Shopkhoj
top 10 reasons to visit Zara, Zara clothing, AMbience Mall, Shopkhoj

Zara is a large international fashion company. They opened their fist store in Spain in 1975. Eversince they opened their stores in India, they have become a very popular brand. They also have an online presence now.

Don’t miss the sales @ ZARA. You cannot find better clothes at better prices.

Top 10 things to shop at Zara

1. Shop for Checked shirts and tunics at Rs.1190

2. Shop for Jeans- there are torn jeans and flower jeans at Rs.1490



3. Shop for Scarves , stoles and caps at Rs.390
4. Shop for Trousers and Capris at Rs.1490


5. Shop for tshirts and tops at Rs.390
6. Shop for casual Wear shirts at Rs.1490

7. Shop for pointed shoes and boots in silk



8. Shop for woolen jackets, coats and throws starting from Rs.2990
9. Shop for Office wear shirts and blazers
10. Shop for mini skirts in denim at Rs.119

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