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Amar Colony- Antique Furniture

What’s Interesting :- Antique looking settees, table and chest of drawers

Market :-

Products :- Home Decor  

Days Closed :- Open all days

Timing :- 11 am to 6 pm

Address :- Lajpat Nagar-4, New Delhi-110024

Landmark :- Mool Chand Metro Station

Parking :- Limited space

Bus/Metro :- Lajpat Nagar bus stop/Lajpat nagar metro station violet line

Price Range :- wide range

Payment Methods :- Cash

Amar Colony – Antique Furniture in Lajpat Nagar

Amar Colony Furniture – A unique open-air market that sells wooden chairs, side tables, stools, chest of drawers, cupboards and many more used furniture. Many are very old pieces that are repaired, repainted and refurbished – at times lending an authentic antique look. You can get lucky sometimes and chance upon a beautiful sideboard, lounge chairs, a side table or a cupboard.

You can shop for home decor items such as a:

Brass Budha statue
Flower vase
Small showpiece made of metal.
Antique clocks
Water jars
Antique telephones
Lamps and Lamp shades
Tin Posters
Lord shiva’s bust in metal and marble
Brass elephant
Tissue boxes and trays
Antique cameras
Antique lanterns
Ceramic knobs
Wall hanging pieces
Marble artifacts

Home Decor products

Ponder around the Amar Colony market and find pieces that are suited to your home. Walk to the end of the market to find unique antique home decor items.

There is definitely no order here. No air-conditioned halls or glossy catalogues. But the charm of old furniture masks the clutter, and the unhurried manner of the shopkeepers is another attractive feature of the market. You can browse around just as much as you want. If you do decide to place an order for customized furniture you can haggle with the shopkeepers and finalise the price.

This Amar Colony shopping market is near the Lajpat Nagar Central Market on the other side of the Ring Road.

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